Why there are such little functions?

Since this is an alpha version of the tool we focused on create a first stable and tested version, but we will add new functions continuously.

How can I listed a new coin?

You can't. Every day we add new coins and every 15 days we make a PUBLIC AND FREE contest in order to list a specific coin/token. You can participate there.

Why I have to pay for this service?

Because we believe that is not possible to handle such a service without any monthly payment in full transparency. The alternative would be to handle the service adding ADS and accepting listing from coins compromising the accuracy of the offered data.

How it is calculated the percentage difference of coins?

We use an algorithm specially programmed and tested in order to do this type of control, specifically it takes the last version ''HEAD' ' of the project and it removes the unnecessary part of the code (comments, vendors, etc..) and analizes the differences with the coins that are more forked (that keep updating).

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